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Commercial Full View Doors

Aluminum Full-View Doors

C.H.I. understands the importance of owning a Commercial Garage Door that is not only functional but also able to withstand the daily operations in the toughest industrial environments. 

A clean modern look combined with flexibility, durability, and quality make this door the perfect choice for your full-view needs. Removable inside retainers make it simple to replace a window section or change the look of your door. These garage doors are ideal for residential or commercial use.

Product Description

Section Resources

Door Width / Panels Across Chart Door Height / Numbers of Sections Chart

Track Resources

Standard Lift Doors | dwg | pdf

Low Headroom | dwg
 Front Mount
Low Headroom | pdf
 Rear Mount Low Headroom | pdf

High Lift Doors dwg | pdf

Vertical Lift Doors dwg | pdf

Incline dwg | pdf

Reverse Angle Mounted Track | pdf

Bracket Mounted Track | pdf

Clip Angle Mounted Track | pdf

Continuous Angle Mounted Track | pdf


Commercial Buyer’s Guide